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In the beginning...

Launched in May 2016, this blog is a growing community for church creatives and volunteers who are looking to spice up their design, branding and social media skills for their church. My absolute passion is to help SMALL CHURCHES with LIMITED BUDGETS. If that sounds like you, look no further!

At Salt Society you’ll find:

  • Free checklists and workbooks to kickstart your church branding
  • Help with church logo design
  • How to’s on designing beautiful and practical print media (be it your newsletter, a camp sign up form or name tags)
  • Tutorials on social media management
  • Lists of free resources that will revolutionise your church communications

It’s all here, for you, in one place. I believe in the power of communicating well, and I want to share what I know with you, so that we can share and grow the community of Christ. Sound good? If so, and you’re keen to help your church to become more relevant to the community around you, sign up for our newsletter here to get tips on design, communications and social media right in your inbox!


I’m Ruthie, and I’m the creator of Salt Society, a lover of all-things design, communications, and most importantly, a gracious God. 

I have a particular passion for small churches with no money. Why? Growing up, I was a pastor’s kid (we call ourselves PKs in Australia) and my dad worked the small church circuit. We constantly found ourselves in tiny churches with little resources (one church had TWO regular attendees) and our family basically made up the welcome team, the hospitality team, the worship team, the sound and projector team, the Bible-reading team…the list goes on. The point is, I know small churches. I know that you have willing people who love to serve. I also know that those willing people can sometimes be overworked, undervalued, and end up burning out. 


My aim then, in creating Salt Society, is to help you; help the volunteers! I want to share the knowledge and experience I’ve gained from doing church media in different small churches, and top it all off with some gems of know-how that I’ve picked up in my Marketing and Communications degree. 

Let’s do this!


I created Salt Society with a vision to share ideas and advice on church communications within a community of people with varied levels of experience.  Working together is the best way to get things done! 

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