6 Christmas posts to adorn your church Facebook page

I am guilty of being a last-minute present buyer, food-shopper, gift-wrapper and tree-decorator. So I guess it comes as no surprise that Christmas has snuck up on me once again this year, and I found myself scrambling a little to find Christmas ideas to post on my church Facebook page. 

At Christmas time, everyone seems to have limited budgets, limited time, and limited patience. If you’re feeling like that, it’s likely your Facebook followers are too, and will have much less patience in reading a dull Facebook post. So, no pressure, but its time to try something new and different for your church Facebook page this Christmas. It’s time to post catchy, interesting things that will grab people’s attention. 

So I have come up with 6 easy posts you can do that will have maximum impact on your peeps! Check them out below...

church christmas facebook

1 | Change your cover photo

This is the online equivalent of changing your regular store display to a Christmas one! It helps to spread the Christmas cheer, show that you keep your Facebook page relevant and up-to-date, and extends your church branding to include Christmas. There are infinite ideas that you could think of to make your Facebook page more Christmassy, but here are some really simple ones:

  1. Design a cover photo that includes the times and information for your Christmas services. That way, when someone visits your church page, your service info will be front and centre. You can use Canva or PicMonkey to quickly design a cover photo for free!
  2. Take a leaf from Picasso’s book, and go abstract (note: I don’t mean draw people’s faces in weird formations, though I guess you can do that if you want to!). You might choose to use a phrase that gets people thinking, or a simple photo of a night sky, or maybe a tartan pattern that you like. Check out thestocks.io to find free stock photos. 
  3. If using words or creative images doesn’t appeal to you, try posting a photo of some people from your church sporting ugly Christmas sweaters, or wrapping Christmas shoeboxes of love. They say a picture says a thousand words, so use your photo to show how your church celebrates Christmas, and show Christ’s love in action!

2 | Utilise pinned posts

Make an image to post on Facebook that gives all of the information for your Christmas services in one spot. Often people will look to Facebook to find the most up-to-date information. That means that if your service times are different, or you’re at a different location that week, the first place you should let people know is on Facebook. 

Once you’ve created your image, post it to Facebook and then ‘pin’ the post to the top of your page. That’ll mean people will see that post at the top of your page, then they can scroll down to see the other content you’ve been posting.

3 | Try Facebook Live

Ask your pastor or someone who is a well-known face at your church to star in a live video on Facebook! You can set this up simply with a smart phone pointed at the person, and a few dot points of what you want them to say. I personally like the idea of them giving the info about your Christmas services, then inviting viewers to come along! You might even like to add little reassurances for first-time church-goers, such as mentioning they don’t need to dress up, it doesn’t matter if you’re running late, anyone and everyone is welcome etc. 

This is a really simple and free way of using Facebook to build connections with the wider community. Facebook Live even has the ability for people to write comments to the presenter, who can then answer any queries people have live-on-air. 

Tip: Do a Facebook Live video (see idea #2) and then ‘pin’ it to the top of your Facebook Page!

4 | Share a series

Throughout the year you might share a variety of different, unrelated posts on social media. But at Christmastime, it makes sense to get a little bit theme-y. Maybe you post a different Christmas cracker joke each day to make someone laugh, or a Bible verse each day to build up a picture of the Christmas story, or make a virtual advent calendar giving vouchers or tidbits away each day. Whatever you choose, doing a series of posts builds up anticipation and excitement in people, while also giving you the chance to expand your church’s online influence. 

5 | Get creative with apps

The big thing communicators push for on Facebook these days is to ‘stop the scroll’. Basically, that means Facebook users are so flooded with content that they continually scroll through their news feed without stopping. Communicators have to do whatever they can to catch the eye of the user and interest them enough for them to pause and look at it. It’s an increasingly difficult task. One way that I like to combat this is by using creative video apps. 

Boomerang is a free app that makes 2 second videos that play and rewind continuously. You could film people dancing around the church, putting baubles on the tree or opening up your Christmas newsletter. It doesn’t need to be fancy, just something fun and intriguing!

Hyperlapse is also a free app that rapidly speeds up video for you. So if you want to film something that takes a long time but make it into a short video, this is for you! Ideas include people wrapping Christmas presents, or serving coffee after the service, or showing the way from their car to a seat in church. You can use both apps on Facebook and Instagram.

6 | Make the most of live music!

If you have a talented, confident musician or band on hand, this is a creative idea for you! Use Facebook Live to film your musicians performing Christmas carols! People can comment to request songs, and it brings that sense of cheery Christmas community to the online world. Extra points if they dress up in fun colours or costumes!

I hope these ideas have given you a little inspiration for your church’s Facebook page this Christmas! Tweet me @salt_society and share your ideas too - I’d love to hear them!   Until then, I hope you have the cosiest of Christmases!