4 church logo ideas that you can recreate


Have you ever been trying to design a logo, and you just get stuck for inspiration? Or maybe you just can't think of how to format the words that you need to use in your logo, and still make everything look nice? Or maybe you've found some inspiration, but it just looks absolutely impossible for you to recreate?

Well, in this video, I'm going to go through a few of the ideas that I look to when I'm designing a logo and I'm stuck for ideas.

And if you stick around to the end of this video, I'll reveal how you can get access to all of my favourite design resources!


Here's the TL;DR version:

1 | Pinterest

Pinterest always has my back when it comes to inspiration.

2 | Text layout

  • Put your church's unique name at the top in bold
  • Supporting text such as 'Baptist Church' underneath the main part of the name
  • Simple, easy to achieve, and is a pretty failsafe way of creating a nice logo

3 | Circle layout

  • Add text inside a circle

4 | Icon layout

  • Use the text layout and add an icon above or next to the layout
  • Gives you something to play with when creating logo variations

5 | 4 words layout

  • This is if you have 4 words in your church name
  • Stack each word on top of each other and increase the font size of each line so that no matter how many characters are in the word, the length of every line is the same

Now if you are getting to work creating your church logo but you're not sure what software to use, I have you covered, because I have written a huge list of my favourite design and branding resources that'll help you get started straight away. Simply click the link below to download it straight away!

And let me know in the comments, which logo design idea is your favourite? Will you try out one of these ideas for your logo?