Church Easter Resource Round-up

Easter is just around the corner and I find with my last-minute nature that I’m always trawling the internet for inspiration and ideas on how-to-do-Easter-excellently.

And while Google usually gets it right and knows what I’m looking for, I still tend to feel a little lost when clicking around, like I’d like someone to just tell me what information out there is actually good and useful.

So, today, call me Google-extraordinaire, because I have rounded-up the best-of-the-best on the internet for you to get your church Easter fix.

There's everything from Facebook advertising, to how many church services to offer, to social media graphics, and it's all listed below for your binge-reading pleasure ;)

Easter resource round up

Eight Easter-related church trends with Thom Rainer

An awesome podcast to listen to while designing your graphics or making stage props; Thom Rainer and Jonathan Howe discuss everything from Facebook advertising at Easter to getting involved in community Easter activities.

Check it out here 

Graphics from Church Media Drop

This site is always bringing fresh graphic design to your doorstep for free! Check out a bunch of different free Easter graphics for your last-minute fix.

Check them out here

3 Resources to help your church invite guests this Easter

Ryan from RadIdeas shares some resources for inviting people along to your church. Even better though, is the free Easter Marketing Guide he offers at the bottom of this blog post!

Check it out here

Invite card template

Make it easy to invite your friends to church this Easter by downloading this free invite template from Church Marketing Sucks.

Check it out here

Lunch + Learn | Countdown to Easter

Kenny Jahng and Paul Fleming chat about the countdown to Easter and how you can be prepared. They also discuss a free Easter Roadmap that Paul created which you can download here (they forgot to link to it on Kenny’s site so it's a little difficult to find).

Check it out here

Sunday Social Easter Graphics

This one costs $7/month but if you’re in a pickle and need some Easter graphics STAT, check Sunday Social out!

Check them out here

Church at Easter Pinterest Board

I am a self-confessed Pinterest-lover, and I’ve started pinning some Easter-inspo for churches! 

Check it out here

Church at Easter

Hoping you have a happy Easter sharing God’s mind-blowing plan with your community!