Top tips for a tantalizing church Facebook Page

I have a confession:

I have been on a little bit of a Facebook hiatus.

Not because I don’t want to post, or I don’t have the time to post [more on that here and here].

But because I’ve been feeling a little uninspired, and my well of content is coming up dry. So I decided that rather than sitting down and wishing for something interesting to happen, I’d sit down, brainstorm, and conjure up interesting posts with more intention.

This post is essentially my brainstorm session of the tips I need to keep in mind while I’m posting to Facebook, with actionable ideas that you can take away from them. If that sounds kooky I’m sure it’ll all make sense below! [At least I hope so!]

Church Facebook page tips.png

1 | Be relatable + ‘authentic’

The digital age has taken a turn in recent years - we’re all a little sick of spending so much time with our technology, and not getting that person-to-person contact. That’s where the trend of ‘authenticity’ stems from. It’s all about showing the person behind the online profile, and getting to know them, and following them because you are interested in what they’re saying and also who they are as a person.

This might sound a little irrelevant for your church, huh? Well, as a matter of fact, your church has a personality too. So rather than focusing on crafting the perfect image to pop up on social media, instead focus on making sure your church’s personality* comes across.

*I have a free ‘Define Your Brand Workbook’ with personality tests for your church which you can get access to here!

Take action: Do the church personality tests in the workbook mentioned above, and inject that personality into at least 2 Facebook posts this week.

2 | Post people

Continuing on from the ‘authenticity’ trend, is the fact that posting ‘real’ people works waaaaay better than using stock images. People like to see normal people doing normal things, and this will make your church feel much more authentic, real, and welcoming.

Of course, sometimes it can be a little difficult to get nice photos of people, especially if you’re no pro in the world of photography [I’m certainly not a pro!]. Here are a couple of ideas to combat that:

  • Ask someone who is great at photography to take a bunch of photos after church one Sunday.

  • Learn to take awesome photos on your phone with this post from Pink Pot

  • Set up a photo booth one Sunday and ask people to take their own photos and post them to social media with a specific hashtag [so you can find and download them later]

  • Hire a budding photographer to receive a more budget-friendly price

Take action: Decide on a strategy to gain photos of actual people from your church. Spend 2 weeks setting your strategy up, then put it into action and get those photos!

3 | Use stock sparingly

I mentioned in my last point that people prefer to see people over stock images, which is so true. People can spot a stock photo from a mile away. But sometimes you just need a stock photo.

So here are some quick tips for when you’re desperate:

  • Make sure you have the rights to use the photo [don’t just Google and use the first photo you see - there are copyright laws in place that you could be breaking!]

  • If you have brand colours, or a general brand vibe, try and choose photos that match with that theme.

  • For specifically Christian stock images, check out Lightstock

  • For general use images, check out The Stocks

  • Make a bank of stock photos that match your branding so you can look there first when you need an image.

Take action: Check out the websites mentioned above and build up a ‘bank’ of images that you can use when you need.

4 | Play around with apps

When posting to Facebook, we try and do anything to ‘stop the scroll’. One way that you can make your posts stand out and stop people from simply scrolling past is to use video apps on your phone. These will allow you to make your images pop and engage with people in a much more fun and interesting way.

Take action: Try apps like Hyperlapse and Boomerang to make an engaging post this week.

5 | Have a killer cover photo

If someone clicks over to your Facebook Page, your cover photo is essentially the first thing they’ll see.

Make sure you’re using it to its full potential! Put your regular service times on there, make it appealing to visitors, and try to make it match your website’s look and feel. That way, if someone clicks over to your website from your Facebook or vice versa, they’ll know they’re in the right place.

Take action: Use Canva to create an awesome cover photo for your church!

6 | Pinned posts!

On Facebook you can ‘pin’ any of the posts on your wall so that it will always sit at the top of the page.

Facebook example.png

I love this function! I recommend ‘pinning’ a popular post that is visitor-friendly. I like to recommend pinning a Hyperlapse video of you walking into the church and sitting down in the service, or perhaps a welcome video of your pastor saying hello.

Take action: Choose a post to pin to the top of your Facebook page today! It’ll take you two minutes :)

7 | Invite post 'likers' to become page 'likers'

This is a super-easy tip for getting more people to like your page. Simply click on the number of likes you have on a post, and a list of everyone who likes that post will appear. If they don't already like your page, an 'Invite' button will appear to the right of their name. Click it, and hopefully they'll say yes! 

Take action: Follow the steps above each time you get likes on a new post. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips! If you’re just getting started with Facebook, click below to grab my Facebook Starter Checklist. And as always, let me know if you have any ideas I should add to this list, by tweeting me @salt_society.