Reflections on 2017


The funny thing that I am constantly reminded of in life is this: life is never as you expect it.

I had big dreams for Salt Society for this year. Dreams of blogging weekly and starting YouTube channels and releasing amazing resources for you. I thought I would conquer it all!

But instead there was something else in store for me. I was challenged and battered down in my day job, day after day, until I lost confidence in my abilities and couldn't bear to show up each day. It meant that I withdrew and neglected Salt Society and my dreams for it for months, and I never really managed to find my feet again.

As I was reflecting on this past year I realised that the biggest thing that I regret is not relying on God fully and completely. I wanted to achieve my goals on my own and because of it I crumpled in a heap. I'm not saying that I expect God to miraculously achieve my goals for me; that is not what I mean at all. But rather, if I had relied on him and found my value in him more, I wouldn't have been so broken and discouraged by things that were out of my control. And maybe I would have remembered my true motivation for creating Salt Society, which was to share what I have learnt (and am still learning) with other churches so that they can share the gospel and bring people to Christ.

So, I've asked God to help me pick up the pieces. Because I am convinced that Salt Society is worth my time, money, effort and passion, even if it helps only one person come to know Jesus.

I love reading the story of Esther when I'm feeling a little lost, and I am always encouraged by what Mordecai says to her when she must go before the king unannounced in order to save the mass murder of her people.

“...who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14

Now, I'm under no illusion that I am a royal (though I am obsessed with Meghan Markle), and I know that what Mordecai was saying was very specific to Esther's situation. But those words are a timely reminder for me: for such a time as this. They remind me to see God's hand in bringing me to where I am today. They remind me that God doesn't need me to do his work, but he has commissioned me to.

And I am certain that at this time, he is calling me to bring my passion and focus back to Salt Society. So, I'm feeling excited for the New Year! Bring on 2018 ✨

And, I like to end on a win, so here are some of my highlights from this year (2017):

  • Hitting 800 subscribers to Salt Society and completing my website redo
  • Traveling to the USA and Canada for the first time with my husband (and loving every second of it!)
  • Gaining four new baby nieces and nephews and holidaying at the beach with my family
  • Moving house to somewhere that makes me super happy
  • Getting a new job which I'll start in the New Year
  • Learning to run and achieving lots of PBs (something I never imagined I would do!)
  • Receiving lovely emails of encouragement from the Salt Society community
  • Inching closer to realising God's purpose for my life and how I can best serve him at church and through my day to day

How about you? How do you like to reflect on the year? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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