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Church Easter Resource Round-up

Church Easter Resource Round-up

Easter is just around the corner and I find with my last-minute nature that I’m always trawling the internet for inspiration and ideas on how-to-do-Easter-excellently.

And while Google usually gets it right and knows what I’m looking for, I still tend to feel a little lost when clicking around, like I’d like someone to just tell me what information out there is actually good and useful.

So, today, call me Google-extraordinaire, because I have rounded-up the best-of-the-best on the internet for you to get your church Easter fix.

There's everything from Facebook advertising, to how many church services to offer, to social media graphics, and it's all listed below for your binge-reading pleasure ;)

Top tips for a tantalizing church Facebook Page

Top tips for a tantalizing church Facebook Page

I have a confession:

I have been on a little bit of a Facebook hiatus.

Not because I don’t want to post, or I don’t have the time to post [more on that here and here].

But because I’ve been feeling a little uninspired, and my well of content is coming up dry. So I decided that rather than sitting down and wishing for something interesting to happen, I’d sit down, brainstorm, and conjure up interesting posts with more intention.

This post is essentially my brainstorm session of the tips I need to keep in mind while I’m posting to Facebook, with actionable ideas that you can take away from them. If that sounds kooky I’m sure it’ll all make sense below! [At least I hope so!]

Finding shareworthy content for social media (a simple system!)

Finding shareworthy content for social media (a simple system!)

Have you ever hung out with a friend after they've been overseas, and they show you photos of their trip? 

Have they ever shown you way too many photos? 

Yep. I think we’ve all been there. 

It’s a difficult situation because:

  1. You genuinely love your friend and want to hear about their trip
  2. You just don’t want to hear about it that much

It’s the same with social media. 

People like you, and they want to hear a little bit, but they don’t want you to bombard them with stories that aren’t relevant or interesting to them. And unlike the friend who politely sits through your trip photos, your social media followers aren’t going to stick around while you tell them how you lost your passport in Trinidad. They’re going to leave. So the best thing to do is to only post your absolute best on social media. We’re talking the choc-chip bits from the cookie, not the flour. 

The difficult thing about posting only great content, is that it is so incredibly difficult to find share-worthy content to post.